0.30-rc6 is in Extras-Devel now and will be moving (along with anything else needed) to Extras shortly if not by the time you read this
Betas / Release Candidates
zdez repository plus minigpsd install
Dependency resolution for bluez-utils-test is included but should also be in Maemo Extras-Devel, and moving to Extras soon
You will need Extras enabled and probably Extras-Devel

0.31e minigpsd deb
0.31e minigpsd source

Updated zmapper beta
Download the updated zmapper 0.20 DEB file

Download the zmapper 0.17 DEB file
Download the (required) libQT3 DEB file
Download the zmapper 0.17 Source Archive
Zmapper Keystroke guide

Other: Python Desktop, Task, and Statusbar example deb

Zmapper Map Files by State
Directory structure set for 0.20 beta. Old versions need manual download or it will try to create them from the US Census Tiger line files.

To build zmapper-0.20 for the nokia, you need to add the qt libraries deb to scratchbox and symlink the /usr/lib/ files to /usr/lib/ for the link to work. Also you need to copy a host /usr/include/qt3 to scratchbox /usr/include/qt3 from a linux install with qt3-dev packages installed, and do "make moc" on the host but in the scratchbox target directory where zmapper is unarchived since there is no moc within scratchbox.